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Three 2023 Reflections and Four 2024 Intentions

 Desert Sunrise

Image Credit: Eric Mischke

2023 was a challenging year, with a lot to overcome and a lot to be proud of. As a relatively new (nearly 2 years old) brand - with an incredibly lean team of two - getting everything done and staying on top of it all is a challenge. We are grateful for our community of Good Guests, cheerleaders and other founders, for your support last year.

In this post, we'll share three reflections on accomplishments from 2023 and set four intentions for the year to come.

THREE 2023 Reflections

Here are some wins worth celebrating as we look back at the year, with three of our proudest 2023 accomplishments:

Certified B Corporation

  • Guests on Earth became a Certified B Corporation, with an overall impact score of 90.7 (you need an 80 to be considered a B Corp, so we overperformed by 10.7 points).

Updated, Simpler Packaging

  • We updated our retail packaging in November, to be more secure and more explicitly call out the product, our model and how it works. We also introduced a new colourway for our Dunes at Dusk scent, a beautiful and light cyan blue, to stand out more from Desert Dawn. Learn more about our scents here.

New and Improved Formulas

  • Along with our vial packaging updates from aluminum to glass (and being able to purchase them in smaller quantities), we improved our already beloved All-Purpose Cleaner formula, giving it third party tested streak-free power to tackle glass and windows seamlessly. 

FOUR 2024 Intentions

Continue to Maximize Joy and Minimize Impact 

Our customers tell us one thing consistently: "I love the scent!" Scent has always played a big role in our product development, due to the outsized role it plays in self-care and mood. We will continue to bring you scent in delightful ways, that help you get the most out of your cleaning rituals with the least amount of impact.

Build a Bigger Community of Good Guests

It has been a joy to build our community of fellow eco-conscious entrepreneurs with our Good Guests Blog features, and in 2024 we want to bring you more inspirational founders and companies who are leading the way in circularity.

Continue to Grow our Offering

We've been working on our upcoming Dish Soap for over a year and are thrilled to be near launch! The other innovation we are hoping to perfect in 2024 is a highly concentrated, as always, laundry detergent.

Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

We are so inspired by the community around us, from our customers to the brands we have the pleasure of knowing personally (and those that we admire, but don't yet know)! We truly believe that we are better together, and are looking forward to more connections and creativity in 2024. 

*A few notable collaborations from last year were our Good Guest Exchange and The Laneway Pop-Up with Ember Wellness, Everist, Everly and 1999 Beauty.


How about you? What are some of your intentions for the coming year? What would you like to see from us? Please share in the comments below.



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