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Our mission is to transform daily cleaning routines into delightful rituals *for everyone* that restore the balance between people and the planet.

Closing the Household Gender Gap

Cleaning for Everyone

The Household Gender Gap refers to the unequal distribution of household labor between men and women, with women generally shouldering a greater share of the burden.

It's 2024, let's get with the times. We believe that a more sustainable world is also a more equitable one.

That's why we created our products to be safe and enjoyable for the whole family - from nontoxic, premium, plant-based ingredients to gender-neutral scents and design, we are committed to getting everyone involved in cleaning.

A Letter from our Founder

Cleaning routines often feel like chores; the result might be rewarding, but the process is anything but.

Not to mention that the products we use are wasteful, poorly designed and usually toxic to the environment and ourselves. AND, mostly only marketed to women.

We set out to create a new paradigm in home care;

A brand with sustainability at its core, that blends the intention of design with the spirit of wellness. An experience that elevates the act of cleaning itself, and invites everyone to clean - not just women.

Our gentle on the Earth products were created for you to reimagine daily cleaning as an enjoyable sensory experience, one that's counter-worthy, gift-worthy and you-worthy.

Thanks for being a Good Guest. 

I hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.


Guests on Earth on Gram

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