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Terms like ‘eco,’ ‘circular’ and ‘sustainable’ are having a moment – and that’s great – but the reality behind them can be confusing. We’ve created the Guest Etiquette Guide to inform our operations across packaging, product and partners.


Closed loop systems and materials designed to work together to reduce waste.

FORMAT: Super concentrated formulas mean that one bottle of cleaner becomes a fraction of the size and weight — making the packaging, shipment, transport and storage much more efficient than traditional packaging. 

BOTTLES: Reusable, recyclable vessels and vials. Our vessels are aluminum and our vials are glass. We intentionally chose these materials for their high recyclability; they are 100% recyclable and retain their properties indefinitely (does not degrade). They are durable and do not rust.

BOXES: Our Shipping and Retail boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable and compostable. Our Retail boxes are also FSC Certified. We use paper-based tape and labels so that boxes are one material and therefore easily recycled.

MICROFIBER CLOTHS: Made from 80% recycled materials and coated with antibacterial technology to clean better and last longer.

TRIGGERS & PUMPS: Unfortunately, pumps and triggers are not recyclable. These are still made from plastic (some are steel + plastic, but not recyclable since you cannot separate the materials after usage). In light of this, we’ve chosen high-quality triggers and pumps to last as long as possible, with your bottle.


We source and experiment with innovative uses for natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

Our products are:

- Biodegradable

- Plant-Based

- Cruelty Free

- Septic Safe

- As Effective as the Leading Natural Cleaner


We work locally where possible, with chemists, manufacturers and suppliers who share our values.

- Manufacture / Formulation: Ontario-based

- Shipping Boxes: Ontario-based

- Retail Boxes: Quebec-based

- Design: Ontario-based

- Aluminum: Designed in Ontario, Canada and manufactured in China

- Glass: Designed in Ontario, Canada and manufactured in China

- Waffle Cleaning Cloths: Designed in Ontario, Canada and manufactured in China. Certified by Global Recycled Standard.