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Weekend Hosting Essentials: Summer Entertaining Made Sustainable


As summer unfolds, many of us eagerly anticipate hosting gatherings and parties with loved ones. Whether it's a casual brunch on the patio or a lively dinner party under the stars, creating memorable experiences begins with thoughtful preparation. At Guests on Earth, we understand the importance of sustainability without compromising on style or effectiveness. Here are our top tips and essentials for hosting sustainably this summer:

1. Embrace Reusable Tableware

Reduce single-use plastic waste by incorporating reusable tableware such as stainless steel straws, and cloth napkins. Consider investing in a durable set of outdoor table wear, which you can wash and reuse over and over again, rather than disposable paper or plastic plates, cups and cutlery.

2. Enhance Ambiance with Sustainable Decor

Set the mood with sustainable decor elements. Choose LED lighting for energy efficiency, decorate with potted plants for a touch of greenery, and opt for table linens made from organic cotton or linen.

We like Misette! Check them out here.

3. Serve A Less Meaty Menu

Opting for more meat alternatives and more plant-based offerings is another way to host more sustainably. For context, eating a plant-rich diet will reduce more greenhouse gas emissions than if you were to install solar panels on your home, switch to an electric vehicle (or public transit), compost all of your food scraps, and reduce your plastic use, according to Project Drawdown. While one meal won't cover off on all of that, it's something - especially when you're serving an extended group.

We love Eden Eats, Chef Bae to name a few!

4. Clean Up with Eco-Friendly Products

Hosting often means preparing your home for guests. Opt for Guests on Earth's range of eco-friendly cleaning and washing products to make a statement. Our formulas feature incredible scents, without the toxins, and work hard to clean up even the most delicious meals. Try our All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe down your dining table and meal prep areas, our Dish Soap to clean up dirty dishes, and our Foaming Hand Soap in your powder room.

All of our products ensure a clean and safe environment for everyone, including pets and children.


What sustainable hostess tips do you take on when hosting? We would love to know! 

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