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Trend Hunter feature: Chic Sustainable Cleaning Brands

Trend Hunter Guests on Earth

By: Grace Mahas
Originally published: March 29, 2022
Trend Hunter

Guests on Earth is a new female-founded Toronto-based startup on a mission to "elevate home care into self-care with products that restore the balance between people and the planet." There are tons of new and innovative cleaning product packaging designs being created in response to the demand for reduced plastic waste, and Guests of Earth offers a unique sustainable cleaning solution option.

Guests on Earth offers small format refills and thoughtfully selected materials for reuse and recyclability. For example, all the vials and reusable vessels are aluminum -- the most recyclable material. Moreover, the brand ships empty vessels and refill concentrates that, when combined with tap water, become full-sized products. Each product is offered in two signature scents: Desert Dawn and Dunes at Dusk. The collection includes the Good Guest Kit, the All-Purpose Cleaner Kit, and the Foaming Hand Soap Kit.

Jackie Prince, the Co-Founder of Guests on Earth, commented on the inspiration behind the brand, stating: "While working from home with two small kids and cleaning constantly, I became hyper-aware of all the trash we were accumulating - especially plastics. I did some research and learned that only 9% of plastic is actually recycled. After trying over 20 competitive natural/eco products, I realized there was an opportunity to approach this low interest, the under-the-sink category in a smarter, more enjoyable way."

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