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Guest Etiquette: Our Approach to Sustainability

Guests on Earth

Terms like eco, circular and sustainable are having a moment right now, and that’s great, but we wanted to share more specifically what sustainability means to us at Guests on Earth.

Sustainability is the core of Guests on Earth in that our mission is to create elevated home systems that are delightful to use and restore the balance between people and the planet. That means maintaining a clean, healthy planet while maintaining a clean, healthy home. 

Our sustainable home system focuses on the three R’s - reduction, reusability and recyclability - in that order. Ultimately, we want to reduce the amount of materials needed in the first place, and encourage reusability through a more circular design. We include our formulations as an honorary ‘R’ because what’s on the inside of our products is just as important as the outside.

Guests on Earth

1. Reduce: We use a small format refill model. Customers purchase a full-sized 500mL vessel once, which can be used infinitely alongside our small format 50mL refill vials. Refills come in 2-packs of 50mL vials of concentrated liquid, and dissolve directly into room temperature tap water in seconds. No waiting for a tablet to break down.

Our super concentrated formulas mean that one bottle of cleaner becomes a fraction of the size and weight — making the packaging, shipment, transport and storage much more efficient than traditional packaging. 

2. Reusability: Our 500mL aluminium vessels are purchased once and enjoyed endlessly via our small format refill model. We heat transfer printed onto our vessels and our refill vials for both maximum durability (of the label) and recyclability. We are hoping to pilot a send back / collection program whereby we take back empty vials, power wash and refill them, to keep them in circulation longer.

Our Microfiber Waffle Cloths are a reusable paper towel replacement and can be washed over 100 times, while maintaining their integrity.

3. Recyclability: Our vessels and vials are made from aluminium. We intentionally chose aluminium for its high recyclability; it is 100% recyclable and retains its properties indefinitely (does not degrade), which is why nearly 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in circulation (compared with only 9% plastic). Aluminium requires less carbon to ship, is durable and doesn’t rust.

Note that the secondary packaging for the refill vials is made from post consumer recycled paper and is fully recyclable, including our shipping boxes, retail boxes and inserts.

4. foRmulations: Beyond our packaging and format, our ingredients have been formulated to be people and planet safe as well. Our plant and mineral-based formulations are fully biodegradable and free from toxins, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances and GMOs.

Read more about our approach to Guest Etiquette here.

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