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Cleaning marble kitchen island with Guests on Earth All-Purpose and safe cleaner

Safe vs. Toxic Cleaners

It won't come as a surprise that natural cleaning products are healthier for humans, animals, and the environment vs. those with toxic ingredients. Many of the chemicals used in toxic cleaning...

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Guests on Earth category-defying fragrance

Category-Defying Fragrances

From the outset of developing Guests on Earth, scent was a key priority. The traditional category has convinced us that cleaning is meant to smell either overly toxic (chemical, that...

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Co-Founders of Guests on Earth, Liz Drayton and Jackie Prince

How we started Guests on Earth

Here is the 'how' behind Guests on Earth's origin story, which we share in the hopes of inspiring other entrepreneurs to follow their dreams (and maybe provide some hustling encouragement).

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